Post-Graffiti Exhibition

FFONO created a strategy and branding for an exhibition about Post-Graffiti. A beautiful exhibition displaying the abstract art form which derived from Graffiti. National and international artist made around 35 art pieces for this exhibition. Commissioned by Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and curated by Opperclaes.





We’ve also created the name for this exhibition. Glashard. Referring to the location of the exhibition, an old glass factory.

Project Logo.


The photography concept for this exhibition consists of artists viewing their work. All photos are taken from the back – making the artists unrecognisable. This is a reference to the old days where artist tried to stay anonymous because their art was made in public spaces, often without a permit.



Logo animation: Jurriaan Hos. Photography: Mark Bolk. Video: Brand New Guys Agency.
Extra deliverables: artist videos, visual instagram strategy etc.
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