How did we translate the brand identity of Scoville -a new Amsterdam based production company- to one that breathes culture?





The Scoville scale is a measurement of spiciness or “heat” of peppers. A spice that finds its origin in former colonies and found its way all around the world during the spice trade. We used this as the starting point for the new visual identity and developed abstract patterns of heat maps based on the actual shape of countries known for their spice trade as a prominent style element in the identity.


Identity Colours


The most recognisable branding element of this identity is a series of abstract heatmaps. Based on the shape of countries known for the spice trade (former colonies such as India and Indonesia etc).

Heatmap + Logo


Our aim was to create an identity that was colourful, versatile and compatible with many different types of images.

Images used are are for example purposes only.
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