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During Milan Design Week – Fraai Werk (Netherlands), Noepster (Netherlands) and Trichromatic Studio (USA) joined forces to present ‘hello, stranger’: an innovative, cutting edge interactive light installation. This interactive, multi sensory experience  brings people together, and uses lighting- and tactile design as the vehicle to create unexpected connections.




We firmly believe that unexpected encounters lead to discovery, inspiration, collaboration, and beautiful memories. Being open to other humans without judgement creates valuable interpersonal connections. This makes us stronger as humans, as designers and as a society. With Milan Design Week as a starting point, we will travel the world to bring strangers together and to inspire and unite!

– All of the people involved, worked remote on this project for a year and only met once during the previous edition of Milan Design Week. The connection between all people involved was so strong and authentic, the decision to create a project together was quickly settled.


Visitors enter a ‘black box’ via two entrances. When visitors touch a color on the wall, the color in the room changes to that specific  color.




When visitors from opposite sides  ‘meet’ each other, the light changes into an animated light spectacle and the longer people manage to stay in touch – the more the spectacle grows. At the end of the wall people are able to see through the wall and actually meet each other.


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