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During Milan Design Week – Fraai Werk (Netherlands), Noepster (Netherlands) and Trichromatic Studio (USA) joined forces to present ‘hello, stranger’: an innovative, cutting edge interactive light installation. This interactive, multi sensory experience  brings people together, and uses lighting- and tactile design as the vehicle to create unexpected connections.




We firmly believe that unexpected encounters lead to discovery, inspiration, collaboration, and beautiful memories. Being open to other humans without judgement creates valuable interpersonal connections. This makes us stronger as humans, as designers and as a society.

– All of the people involved, worked remote on this project for a year.


Our goal was to create connections between people without people knowing upfront.
We gave visitors a special device they strapped around their hand. With this device (an inverted magnet 🙂 ) – they entered a space with a wall of colour. With some hefty coding we were able to change the color in the installation space, whenever someone hovered over a certain colour on the wall of colour.




At the other side of the wall of colour there were also people. Trying to change the colour in the their space as well. When two people from the space opposite to each other cross paths, they would feel this, because of the repellent nature of an inverted magnet. And thats when the magic happend. For as long as they would be able to interact with each other – both spaces would show a ‘light spectacle’. At the end of the space the coloured wall was translucent enough to see the person on the otherside. And of course make contact.


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